This Is Exactly What 6 Chefs Cook When They Want a Quick and Healthy Meal

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Cooking healthy food that tastes as good as it is good for you can feel impossible at times. However, healthy and delicious homemade food is possible. Who better to offer up some sage wisdom on the subject than a few professional chefs? Though they may be capable of preparing decadent meals and unrivaled desserts, they also know how to channel those tasty flavors for a meal that offers just as much nutritional value as it does flavor points. Below read up on what six professional chefs whip up when they want something quick, easy, and healthy, as reported by Bon Appetit:

Filling salads. For Mason Hereford of Turkey and the Wolf, it's all about unique and inspired salad toppings. A few of his favorites are sunflower seeds, spiced tortilla strips, coleslaw, and jalapeГ±os. "I'm convinced jalapeГ±os are the healthiest thing ever. I add so much jalapeГ±o that I can barely deal with it," he says. Another salad fanatic, Chef Carrie Nahabedian likes to prepare herself a Mediterranean salad complete with grains, feta, watermelon, red onions, olives, herbs, and tomatoes. The trick is roasting the vegetables in the morning to save time later.

Roasted vegetables. Csilla Thackray of The Vandal, Jonathan Sybert of Tail Up Goat, and Lee Wolen of Boka and Somerset all agree that vegetables are key to healthy cooking, and there are many ways to make them taste like a delicacy. Glaze beets with honey, vinegar, and butter like Thackray, or experiment with black garlic, vinegar, oil, and toasted almonds on grilled broccoli like Sybert and Wolen.

Ramen. "Ramen is the healthiest thing in the world and my number one go-to for hangovers," said chef Jonathon Brooks of Milktooth. While the food authority admits that ramen isn't necessarily what comes to mind when you think of healthy food, using the highest quality of Asian spices will help you reap all the benefits of this fragrant, healing dish. "We use a ton of scallions, serrano chilies, and pickled kombu," Brooks explains. "Spices fill your senses and make you feel fuller and satisfied."

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