15 Under-$100 Trousers That Make Getting Ready for Work Infinitely Easier


It's 7 a.m. on a Monday. I open and closeВ my closet, hoping that an inspiredВ office-appropriate outfit will suddenly materialize out of thin air. AfterВ 20 minutes of indecision, I inevitably come to the conclusion that everything in my wardrobeВ feels stale. Eventually, I give in to decision fatigue andВ reach for a pair of well-worn jeans and a tried-and-true silk blouse in my desperation to get out the door on time.

Although I'm not opposed to wearing the sameВ staple items week in and week out, I've come to the realization that one item, in particular, is missing from my workwear rotation thatВ will streamline the process of gettingВ office-ready in the morning: work pants. Polished and professional, the right trousers can make any top look instantly put-together-see exhibitsВ A and B. InВ an effort to build up my wardrobe without breaking the bank, I culled affordable retailers to for office-friendly finds on the cheap. Ahead, shop 15 under-$100 trousers that will make getting ready for work infinitely easier.

Zara Pants With Belt and Buckle $40ShopBabaton Cole Pant $98ShopThe Group by Babaton Ilana Pant $98ShopEverlane Wide Leg Crop Pant $68ShopBabaton James Pant $98ShopJ. Crew Wide-Leg Crop Pant $90ShopMango Flowy Palazzo Trousers $80ShopH&M Suit Pants $30ShopZara Flowy Pants $70ShopMango Loops High-Waist Trousers $60ShopGrana Silk Ankle Pants $69ShopEverlane Straight Leg Crop $68ShopJ. Crew High-Rise Cameron Pant $90ShopMango Flecked Wool-Blend Trousers $100ShopEverlane Work Pant $50Shop