Take Flight: These Are the Best Crossbody Bags for Travel

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

When packingВ for a trip, it's easy to overstuff your suitcase just with handbags: some for exploring a new city, some to hit the beach, and others for a romantic night out. BulkyВ bags are easily the one thing that will guarantee you'llВ reach the weight limit on your suitcase.В But here's the thing-it's actually much easier than you think to leave for a weeklong trip with just one bag. That if you pack the right one.

So what's the best multipurpose bag to bring on your next trip? A crossbody bag. Easily the best type of bag to breeze through the airport, your versatile crossbody will hold your passport, wallet, lip balm, and every other in-flight essential you need-and you'll have your hands free to show your boarding pass at every TSA agent that crosses your path. Once at the destination, you'll love the convenience of not carrying your bag, not to mention it'll be nearly impossible for pickpockets to grab the bag out of your hands since it'll be looped around your body. Convinced? Here are our favorite crossbody bags for travel.

Catzorange Circle Woven Cotton Shoulder Bag $198Shop

This collapsible bag will take no space in your luggage but expands to fit quite a lot.

Zara Raffia Crossbody Bag $46Shop

Just imagine toting this crossbody bag around on your next Italian vacation. This summer bag just screams Capri.

Paravel Crossbody Capsule Leather-Trimmed Canvas Shoulder Bag $265Shop

Paravel is a chic luggage brand that's released the cutest spill- and stain-proof canvas crossbody bag we all need on our future travels.

Building Block Box Satchel $460 $322Shop

This building block satchel is perfect for traveling-it packs easily and is ideal for storing all those things you don't want to get squashed in your suitcase.

Mango Studded Embroidered Bag $70Shop

You can always count on Mango for having the chicest affordable bags. This floral crossbody would look right at home on your next Parisian getaway.

A.P.C. Geneve Croc-Effect Leather Shoulder Bag $580Shop

Take this elegant crossbody bag from day to night on your next city getaway. It will go with all your outfits.

Steven Alan Camden Cross Body Bag $150Shop

Have you ever seen a more adorable bag under $150 dollars? Stay organized with this small structured Steven Alan crossbody bag.

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag $295Shop

Small enough to fit a phone, wallet and passport, this bright Marc Jacobs bag will force you to stick to the essentials.

Zara Round Mini Crossbody Bag $40Shop

You'd never guess that this croc-effect round crossbody bag is from Zara, which is precisely why you should bring it on your next trip if you don't want to travel with expensive items.

Loeffler Randall Mini Minimal Rider $295 $177Shop

Who could resist this adorable limoncello-hued bag? It's on sale right now, so jump on it before your next Italian getaway.

Elizabeth and James Eloise North/South Leather Crossbody $365 $219Shop

The sleekest crossbody bag from Elizabeth and James is perfect for minimalists-and it's on sale!

Baggu Small Canvas Circle Purse $45Shop

This adorable lilac canvas crossbody bag is only $45-consider it your chic fanny-pack alternative.

Danse Lente Phoebe Leather Shoulder Bag $455Shop

The fashion world's hot new bag company, DanseВ Lente, released this adorable crossbody bag, which looks oddly similar to a camera bag. You'll look like the chicest photographer on your next trip.

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