This Australian Fashion CEO Has an Super Productive Morning Routine

Courtesy of Julie Stevanja

As we continue on the downhill slide towards holiday season and New Year's Day, team MyDomaine Australia is already taking stock of the year that was/is almost over, and thinking about where 2019 will take us. Whether you're a fan of setting lofty goals on a yearly basis or smaller targets more frequently than that, there's something about getting ready to retire a used calendar that inspires an eagerness to set fresh resolutions.

Chief among those for many of us is increasing productivity. Learning how to maximise the time in your day is at the heart of achieving balance, whatever that looks like for you. Want to fit in exercise? Becoming more efficient will help you do that. The same goes for scheduling personal time, seeing your family more, or mentally switching off when you leave the office.

For inspiration on how to boost productivity we reached out to one very efficient woman,В Julie Stevanja, the founder and CEO of Stylerunner, Flightmode,В New Guard and Triple White magazine. Stevanja was kind enough to share her daily routine with us, and it's sprinkled withВ tips on how the businesswoman fits in everything she needs to. From utilising the Eisenhower Matrix (more on that below) to incorporatingВ movement into her morning, we're taking notes.

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Courtesy of Julie Stevanja

Julie Stevanja, Founder and CEO, Stylerunner, Flightmode, New Guard and Triple White Magazine

Wake-Up Call: 6 a.m. "I rise early, depending on what time I get to bed. I try to achieve seven to eight hours of sleep every night for optimum focus throughout my working day."

First Thing I Do: Cleanse my face. "I find it revitalising to start my day this way. I follow with the pure gold-infused Radiance Cellular ConcentrateВ ($935)В from La Prairie which evens out my skin tone."

Breakfast: Is usually liquid. "I grab a quick espresso on my way to Up!Cycle, and a green juice afterwards.В Then I aim for something more substantial and with protein mid-morning. I'm currently loving boiled eggs with dukkah."

My Morning Commute:В "Involves Chinese Mandarin studies via podcasts (I like Chinese Learn OnlineВ and Dimsum Mandarin). I studied the language 10 years ago, but I'm now brushing up for my business trips."

Clock-In Time: Between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.В "I start the day with my team, get a few updates and check in on any live projects."

First Thing I Do in the Office: Refresh my Inbox and review any recent press. "I thoroughly enjoy seeing a new magazine land on my desk that has featured one of our brands. It's fulfilling to see months of hard work materialise in print."

Courtesy of Julie Stevanja

Daily Goal:​​ Presence. “To be present in the moment and with everything that I do-I'm still practising!'В

How I Prioritise: W​ith the Eisenhower Matrix. "I am a big believer in organising your to-do list in order to make your day as functional as possible. The Eisenhower Matrix is a tool which assists with prioritising tasks as urgent versus important, and shows up which you should delegate or maybe not action at all. It ensures I run my day focused on the most important tasks at hand."

I Do This One Thing Every Day:​​​​​​​​ Move. "Most days this means Up!Cycle, which is the equivalent of a full body workout on a stationary bike. It energises me, and knowing I have exercised allows me to commit to my day with focus. If I can't make it to Up!Cycle, I turn to the Sweat app or go for a brisk walk."

Words of Wisdom: ​​“Resourcefulness is your greatest resource.”В

Power Product:​​ The Stylerunner x VOGUE bike short. “Whether for a workout or as work wear, these are a staple piece in my wardrobe as we head into summer.”